Altar Boyz 

(Uptown Players, 2009)

  • *DFW Critics’ Forum Award Winner for Best Choreography
  • *Named one of the Top Ten Theatre Productions of 2009 by the Dallas Voice

The Dallas Morning News:

“…wonderfully manic choreography by John de los Santos…an exciting, superbly entertaining evening.”

The Column:

“John de los Santos’s dazzling choreography was a flawless fusion of pop, jazz and hip-hop that had these performers dancing up a storm… it’s hyper speed fast, eye popping, and really antes up the energy level of the show.”

Pegasus News:

“The choreography courtesy of John de los Santos prove that these guys have put in more than their fair share of rehearsal hours to portray the tight-knit group. We saw the original cast production off-Broadway during the musical’s original run and we must say that the Uptown Players version is even better.”

The Examiner:

“de los Santos’ choreography is fresh, clever, and sexy, bringing the show’s lyrics to life.”  

Dallas Observer:

“…full of big laughs and joyful noise…the boys dance like the devil in sweaty, nonstop choreography by John de los Santos that cleverly works in references to Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies,’ Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ the volcano number in Showgirls and a certain talent contest on The Brady Bunch.

Dallas Voice:

“…guiltily entertaining…boundlessly energetic dancing, slyly choreographed by John de los Santos. He plays up the comedy with dance steps that make hilarious illusions to ‘Thriller,’ the Robot, Britney and more.”