Orpheus & Euridice

(Opera Birmingham 2016, Voices of Change 2008)

Arts BHAM:

“Clarinetist Jonathan Jones was faced with the arduous task of dancing, playing his instrument, and retrieving Euridice from the underworld, all at once. He excelled at each. In the non-vocal role, the clarinet became his voice, imparting plot details, embracing, tumbling, and slow dancing with Euridice, and conveying touching emotions as well as any hands-free singer.

Talise Trevigne’s radiant, full-bodied soprano channeled powerful yet introspective drama, the capriciousness of love, the weakness from illness, and dread of loss and impending death, each transmitted passionately. Moving ith supple grace to director John de los Santos’ choreography, Trevigne convincingly gave the ancient tale universal sensibility.”

The Dallas Morning News:

“Director John de los Santos provided just the right elements. His choreography reflected Mr. (Ricky Ian) Gordon’s musical moods and made the story line clear.”