UrbanArias, World Premiere: 2020

DC Metro Theater Arts

The Roost, with music by Marc Migo, libretto by John de los Santos, who also directed, and conducted by Robert Wood, is a modern take on Boccaccio’s Decameron, a collection of medieval tales of life during the plague, done with great humor but also powerful depth.

Marc Migo’s music is powerfully intimate, performed by R. Timothy McReynolds on piano and Evan Solomon on clarinet. Conducted by Robert Wood, they mark the changing mood throughout the piece, from lust to fear to hope and love. John de los Santos’s libretto is charming, modern English with a poetic feel.

de los Santos does a wonderful job directing, allowing Apostolou and MacPherson to move around the house and each other while singing beautifully. The Roost captures our anxieties about this perilous time while reminding us that the humors and pleasures of life still exist.