The Christmas Spider

Composed by Clint Borzoni

The Roost

Composed by Marc Migó

The Shower

Composed by Scott Bradley Joiner


Carmilla, composed by Robert Paterson Currently in development Inspired by Joseph Le Fanu's 1872 novella, Carmilla is a tale of nightmarish seduction and resilient courage.

Service Provider

Service Provider details the erosion of modern romance by our obsession with mobile technology. When a loving couple goes out for their anniversary dinner at an elegant restaurant, the evening descends into farcical disaster as the incessant cell phone usage ultimately unmasks the fractured reality of their marriage.

The Copper Queen

The Copper Queen, composed by Clint Borzoni The Copper Queen was  selected as the winner of Arizona Opera's inaugural commission initiative, Arizona SPARK. The Copper Queen focuses around the cultural lore of a real woman in Arizona history, Julia Lowell, who lived at The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona during the first decade of the twentieth century.