Soho Cinders 

(North American Premiere: Uptown Players, 2014)

“Uptown Players American premiere offers a welcome and deliciously adult take on the fairy tale. John de los Santos [provides] smart direction and snappy choreography.”

Edge Dallas:

“Uptown Players latest production, Soho Cinders made its U.S. premiere Friday night at the Kalita Humphreys Theater and it’s probably the cleverest and funniest musical you’ve never heard of or seen. John de Los Santos purposely directs Soho Cinders loosely allowing his performers to be playful yet natural. [The production] is one hell of a naughty ball.

The Examiner:

Soho Cinders spoofs the idea of fairy tales, by placing Cinderella in a tawdry, transgressive realm, and practically celebrates it. Soho Cinders pops with a lot of humor, clever songs and outrageously choreographed (Thank you, Director John de los Santos) dance numbers.”