Smokey Joe’s Cafe 

(WaterTower Theatre, 2012)

The Dallas Morning News:

“It would be hard to complain that the production of Smokey Joe’s Cafe that WaterTower Theatre opened Monday lacked soul. It captures the passion of the songs of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, as well as their wit, verve and, yes, sophistication. Choreographer John de los Santos keeps the nine performers moving along and gets the audience’s blood boiling.”

Theatre Jones:

“Choreographer John de los Santos starts with the moves of the era—then cranks his able dancers to steroid level, heating up the cool driving beat of ‘On Broadway’ with fierce athleticism by the male quartet…a joyous and upbeat production.”

The Column:

John de los Santos‘ work in Smokey Joe’s Cafe is the best choreography I have seen all year. There’s a lot of the expected ‘quartet’ choreography that people think of when they remember the groups of the late 50s/early 60s. Performances like those in ‘On Broadway’ and ‘Keep on Rollin/Searchin’, not to mention teaching Courtney Sikora how to shimmy, are all impressive. De los Santos doesn’t make the choreography easy on his performers, but he gets fantastic results.”

Edge Dallas:

“Smokey Joe’s Café is sunny, frothy entertainment that caps a stellar 2011-2012 season for WaterTower Theatre in Addison. John de los Santos provides restrained and apropos choreography.”

Dallas Observer:

“All the choreography by John de los Santos is fresh and tight.”