Spring Awakening 

(WaterTower Theatre, 2011)

  • *Named one of the Top Ten Theatre Productions of 2011 by The Dallas Morning News
  • *Named one of the Top Ten Theatre Productions of 2011 by The Examiner
  • *Named the #1 Theatre Production of 2011 by Alexandra Bonifield of Critical Rant & Rave with recognition for Outstanding Choreography
  • *Column Award Winner for Best Choreography

The Dallas Morning News:

“The WaterTower Theatre production detonates with brilliant blinding force. Those who can face the material but wondered what all the fuss was about should head north and check out WaterTower’s best show in years.”

John de los Santos choreographs WaterTower’s Spring Awakening – Interview with Lawson Taitte for The Dallas Morning News

D Magazine:

“…a triumphant salvo of a season-opener in this comprehensive artistic vision of a message play that rocks. Choreography by John de los Santos uses every inch of Christopher Pickart’s inspired set with whirling, flawlessly-timed movements.”

The Examiner:

“Throughout ‘The Bitch of Living’, the other boys rise and join, adding their own anecdotes, stomping and thrashing and kicking like confounded colts in John de los Santos’ exquisite, virile, primal, choreography. They pound the stage. In ‘Totally Fucked’,  the other kids jump up, then the two adults join in, happily shouting out their exasperation. It’s a spectacular, raucous moment, and you want to just leap out of your seat and dance too.”

Dallas Voice:

“WaterTower Theatre is mounting the first local production, and if you haven’t seen it, do. John de los Santos’ stylized choreography gives the cast a lot to do, bringing a sense of motion to the internality of libidos gone mad.”